News round-up: October 7th 2021

A whistleblower revealed the dark side of the Facebook business. Facebook and its chief executive Mark Zuckerberg are under scrutiny after a former employee of Facebook, Frances Haugen, disclosed that the company was pushing for higher profits rather than taking users' safety into account.

The whistleblower revealed that Facebook knew about harmful effects on children's mental health but kept it quiet. She urged for transparency about how Facebook attain its users to keep scrolling through the feed.

"The company's leadership know how to make Facebook and Instagram safer, but won't make the necessary changes because they put their astronomical profits before the people", — said Haugen, comparing social media to addictive substances such as tobacco.

Zuckerberg is to appear before the committee to explain why Facebook wasn't made safer to the users when they learned the truth about the harms of his product.