Monday news roundup: December 6th

Where the Needle Lands
1 min readDec 6, 2021


If you can’t beat them- join them, Trump, while still banned from Twitter and Facebook, decides to start its own social media company.

The Trump Media & Technology Group is working on launching the social media company Truth Social. It is expected to go live early next year.

A former US president announced that the launch of the social media platform would help in the fight against Big Tech.

Mr Trump was banned from top social media platforms after the January 6th attack by his supporters on the US Capitol in Washington DC amid concerns the then-president would inspire further violence.

Virtual reality technology could be a solution to isolation and loneliness among older citizens, the Washington Post writes.

Tech innovators are trying to solve the growing problem of social isolation among seniors.

VR products are being implemented in hospitals and assisted-living facilities where VR excursions can be organised for patients to liven up their experiences. Other technology services focus on deepening social connections between the generation by connecting young adults and older people through online platforms such as Papa.