Amazon and Google workers publicly condemn the tech companies ties with the Israeli military. According to the employee's open letter, Project Nimbus was set to sell dangerous technology to the Israeli military and government.

Project Nimbus is a $1.2bn contract to provide cloud services for the Israeli military and government…

Google to step into the fight with climate change misinformation. The tech company announced that it would stop the ads running on climate-change-denying Youtube videos.

The new policy will apply to content that contradicts the “scientific consensus around the existence and cause of climate change”. It would include such content…

A whistleblower revealed the dark side of the Facebook business. Facebook and its chief executive Mark Zuckerberg are under scrutiny after a former employee of Facebook, Frances Haugen, disclosed that the company was pushing for higher profits rather than taking users' safety into account.

The whistleblower revealed that Facebook knew about harmful effects on children's mental health but kept it quiet. She urged for transparency about how Facebook attain its users to keep scrolling through the feed.

"The company's leadership know how to make Facebook and Instagram safer, but won't make the necessary changes because they put their astronomical profits before the people", — said Haugen, comparing social media to addictive substances such as tobacco.

Zuckerberg is to appear before the committee to explain why Facebook wasn't made safer to the users when they learned the truth about the harms of his product.

John Walsh, Chief Technology Officer at Fujitsu Ireland

Listen to the podcast about John’s career in Fujitsu and the business of ICT from minutes 2 to 9.

(Geraldine) Fujitsu is 85 years old. You have been part of that family for 30 per cent of its span of time.

You’re one of the stalwarts, I imagine. So…

By Mahima Badsra

Tim Cook Faces Surprising Employee Unrest at Apple “Never have I met people more terrified to speak out against their employer,” said Ms Scarlett, who joined Apple as a software engineer in April and has worked at eight other companies.”

Uber CEO Aims for ‘Fully Green’ Food-Delivery Business “These are…

Tik-Tok faces investigations from Ireland’s data watchdog regarding processing children’s data and data transfers to China. The Data Protection Commission, the EU lead data regulator, announced that it would start two investigations into the Chinese-owned social network — Tik-Tok.

The first investigation will observe the processing of personal data of…

AI can write its own computer codes, should programmers be worried. The programmer who oversees an AI startup called Gado Images said that there is no reason to worry. AI that can write programmes is not a threat to the coders’ profession but rather an improvement that could boost productivity.

‘Fake it till you make it’ culture in Silicon Valley is dangerous: Theranos is a stark example of it. Elizabeth Holmes name is well known to everyone. Unfortunately, the name carries not so pleasant associations. Elizabeth Holmes is currently facing a trial in California for fraud.

She built a company…

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